Choosing Your Acne Solution

Choosing the right treatment is as easy as pie. Some acne victims are quite overwhelmed with the long list of options to choose from. It’s not easy at first and can be confusing. However, there are a few tricks that can help you select the ultimate acne solution. Here are some basic things that you have to keep in mind.

Making use of over the counter acne products can help you fight acne. However to find the right acne product it is important to understand your skin type. You need to understand that your skin type plays a major role of whether or not an acne treatment will work for you. When you have sensitive skin it is important to check the ingredients of your product. Some treatments contain chemicals that will not only aggravate your acne condition but will also damage healthy skin cells. Avoid acne treatments that contains a benzoyl peroxide concentration higher than 2.5%. Though benzoyl peroxide is a highly effective treatment for acne, it is also a harmful chemical for your skin. It can make your skin dry and can cause some irritations.

Know what triggers your acne. In some cases, especially in teenagers, acne is caused by hormones. Hormonal acne can be treated with oral contraceptive pills or hormonal injections. However, these types of treatments are not advised for teenagers as these treatments can stunt the developmental processes of your body. If your acne is triggered by exercise, make it a point to lways shower after your workout routine. This reduces bacterial formation and also helps remove excess oil and dirt that can clog your pores. Using a cleanser is one of the basics in treating acne. A good cleanser usually do not create a lot of suds. The cleanser should create a flat lather and will not leave your skin dry. If your skin feels tight, adding a moisturizer to your skin care routine can do wonders.

Read acne treatment reviews. These reviews are very helpful to know which products work for certain skin types. Some of these reviews will contain a detailed account of how the treatment affected their condition along with its pros and cons. You need to be careful though. Some reviews are made up by manufacturers to increase the popularity of their product and snag unsuspecting consumers. Aside from going to the manufacturer’s site, do your own research and you will be surprised with what you will find.